Latin Americans are likely to shape the USA election

One of the fastest and most vocal minority groups in the US is the latin American population. These voters are most likely to side with the democrats who have been the most progressive in terms of education reforming. As their is an estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants in the USA, many of whom have been in the country for year; they and their family are keen to have an immigration amnesty solution.


As some republications, notably Donald Trump have made bold promises ‘illegal immigration’ in general, this has alienated many potential voters who would otherwise vote for the Republicans. In many of the southern states such as Arizona and Texas it likely that the states will become Democrat as the demographics of the state becomes more of Latino.

This will mean that Spanish will become more and more important in the USA of the future, which makes it important that children should learn both languages at an early age.

Should Latino’s move to the UK or USA?

Should Latin Americans move to the UK or to the USA or none needed? is a topic that needs careful analysis bearing the reluctance of the UK in accepting immigrants due to security reasons. According to statistics the number of immigrants seeking jobs in the UK has really decreased due to global recession. Another major hurdle Latin immigrants face while moving to the UK are the laws regulating long term immigrants from moving to the UK. These laws have victimized immigrants who have been in Britain for years. These are educated, married people who were born in the UK There have been major legislative changes which have affected these vast communities of people who’ve lived in the country for generations.

The factor that makes it more viable to immigrate to the US rather than the US is that emigrating to the UK has grown more expensive. The US is within closer proximity to the Latin America than Britain. This in addition to the fact that the visa system in the UK demands for many requirements and leaves the person seeking immigration there with few options. It is often vital to have a specialist lawyer for UK immigration law. The issue of culture is also another stumbling block for South Americans who dream to travel and find better opportunities in the UK. On the other hand it is a bit easier for a South American to settle in the US much easier. They started migrating to the US more than two centuries ago and they have a vast community there. For South Americans, immigrating to the UK can be very disorienting due to the clash in culture. What one expects is not always what they find there. The language barrier is another huge factor bearing in mind that most Latinos are not English speaking.

According to statistics, South Americans were the second fastest growing population of immigrants to the United States. For every Latino, good reasons to move to the US are the opportunities the country has. It is a lucrative place for the entrepreneurs, highly trained and the well educated immigrants. The least skilled immigrants can easily find jobs disregarded by the US citizens. Living the American dream has always been every human being’s aspiration worldwide with the knowledge that no matter how low your earnings, he or she is able to succeed.

Another advantage for South Americans dreaming to live in the US is the diverse culture. The country has people from all races and nationalities which has brought about freedom of expression. There is both political and religious freedom. There are many flexible ways of entering the United States. The employment opportunities in the United States usually favor the worker irrespective of your nationality. Once you get an opportunity to work there, you have the option of choosing any state all of which have favorable weather conditions. In addition, there are many options of getting a legal job and the possibility of having a North American citizenship is high. If you say none needed i beg to differ and you now know the reason.

Video on similar topic for Indian students who want to come to the UK.

Education is everything

Without doubt, eduction and adult literacy is one of the cornerstone of healthy society with a prosperous economy. No other single area can do so much to promote human happiness in any part of the world.

We cannot end world poverty without investing in education for the younger generation. With knew knowledge people are able to imagine a different way of doing things for themselves and for their communities.

For this to work it is important that all people involved come together for a common goals. This means people from rural parts of the countryside in Guatemala and parts of Latin America. Companies must commit to doing good in the communities in which they operate by donating to charity organisations and conduction ethical business.

Educations helps people form the world stand up for their rights and avoid being exploited, it can help women pursue careers and have more choice in their lives. Something that should be mandatory in all parts of the world is schooling up to the age of 16, but this basic human right is denied to many children. This is a key goal by the United Nations to have every child in school by 2020, in every part of the world including the Middle East and Africa.


English 101: Basic English for Russian Tourists in Costa Rica

English 101: Basic English for Russian Tourists in Costa Rica

It is fundamental to learn basics about the world’s universal language, especially if you love to travel. There is always a language hindrance for the people who are outgoing because one of the requirements or at least a rule in traveling is to communicate with the people on the country you are planning to visit.

Russia has their own native language, and so is Costa Rica because they speak Spanish. It is really hard for every Russian tourist who wants to visit this country because they speak two different languages. Although the country speaks Spanish, there are also available jobs in Costa Rica for English speakers.

There are a lot of strategies considered if you want to learn the English language fast without a hassle. One of those is learning Basic English online. But if you want to learn English by yourself in the easiest way, here are some proven steps on how to learn them the way you want:


  • Set a goal for yourself. There could be a lot of reasons why you are in need to learn the English language, it might be because there are available jobs in Costa Rica for English speakers, might be because you met a friend from across your country who speaks English, or maybe because it is your love for traveling, which gives you courage to tour around the world and meet different kinds of people who has different aspects in life, different culture, and language. It’s true, English is spoken by a lot of people and with this language, and people find it easier to communicate.
  • Use and learn from it regularly. There’s no use wasting around your time if you won’t use what you have learned in the environment you are currently into. You should be systematic, when learning basics about the English language, you should be organized try to talk with someone you know who can speak the language and communicate with them so you can train yourself. There are many ways to provide and surround you with the English language. Learn from it as often as you can and be able to find jobs in Costa Rica for English speakers.
  • Choose a teacher. It will be really helpful if you are acquainted to someone who knows English as their first language. Or as stated above, you can always check and learn English by visiting some websites online that offers what you need. Choose a mentor who will give you the best advises when it comes to learning the English language. As a Russian who visits a foreign country who rarely speaks English, you have to start from scratch in learning them. This is an advantage for people who is in search for jobs in Costa Rica for English speakers.

You should always think and devote yourself so you could learn as fast as possible if you are aiming something like jobs in Costa Rica for English speakers. Manage your time so you will be in accordance and will always stay on track. After all, there are a lot of perks when you get to visit and travel the world and you will not let language be a hindrance to all of them.

So, if you are looking for the best source of Russians to learn and master the English and Spanish languages, kindly visit: изучение английского языка – онлайн!  Googl+ Yulia Berkela



Why Costa Rica has it all for students

Costa Rica is one the world’s leading spots for biological diversity. Many of the worlds most fascinating species can be found here. It is clear to see why ecotourism is big business here. Where else can you see sloths, monkeys and parrots all in the same mountain location. Not just the goverment, but the entire people have made sure they are looking after the natural enivemrent here for future generations.

Heredia costa rica

But for a destination for learning Spanish, this treasure in Central America has much to be proud of. The country is extremely peaceful and does not have any of the political troubles that it’s neighbours of Panama or Nicaragua have. The country is largely of European descent, from the Spanish Conquistadors, who came here after the voyage of Columbus. Despite this, there are still native tribes in Costa Rica, who are immensely proud of their heritage.  To the east of the country, there are the descendants of African slaves who escaped and made their home near Leon and Puerto Viejo.

Of course, there are many cultural fascination with the country, but really this a great place for someone who wants to learn Spanish in a safe environment.

Here you can find Spanish classes at IPED language school, they are based in Heredia and have a wide range of different study course and immersion programs. Class sizes range from 2-6 and there is always a good mix of teachers.

Look at the UNIBE website. They have more reason why it is a great study location, not just for language students for but for all!

Follow IPED on Twitter and your will be sure to get some useful information on what is going on !

IPED language academy

The Arabic and Latin connections.

Few places could be as different as Qatar, UAE or Saudi when compared to countries such as Panama or Costa Rica. Both regions have completely separate cultures and distinct ways of doing business.

Spanish exats in Qatar

This make it import to have great interpreters when business deals are made -its not such a child friendly area to live. But that being said, many young epats do exceedinly well growing up here in the city.

There are actually many Spanish speaking expats in Qatar. There are people in Qatar from Spain and all over South America. This is because of the many business opportunities in the capital of Doha. Most of this is centered around the tourism, engineering and energy sector.

If you have moved here recently, is is very likely you will need a local guide to show you around.  There is a big demand for this from business that Spanish to Arabic translated, or English to Arabic, or any combination that a modern business might want. It is necessary to have text  translated to company can market it self to global customers. We recommend because of the excellent track record and commitment to quality in Qatar and the Middle East at large. See Text Elite 24 – Doha translation services, I can completely recommend their services.

But what about Doha you might ask? Doha is a city that every person should visit at least one. It is a city of culture and history and has more than just large shopping malls. Such as the Islamic historical Museum, one of the most culturally rich attraction in the country.  Although, if you are person who just loves to shop, then there is the Doha Mega Mall which has over 400 separate shops. This is certainly a different mentality to Spain or Latin America, thats what I found out! If you enjoyed this artice, please feel free to share it on Facebook.

Guates Spanish

Find the perfect location to study Spanish


Guates Spanish

Choosing the right location to learn Spanish isn’t always easy. Should you travel to mainland Spain? Go further to South America? Costa Rica offers lush rainforest and the promise of ecotourism. It is also near the fascinating country of Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia. These are certainly some of the more exotic places to visit that most travellers don’t get to go to. If you are in Europe, and you would like to learn Spanish on a budget, the Canary Islands is just a cheap flight away. It is great for those looking for a temperate climate and a vibrant culture. There are many Islands to choose from, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lazarote are the biggest and most popular. Tenerife is the largest of all the islands and separated into two parts, the luch and green, cultured north, and the sun blessed, more touristic south. Fuerteventura also is interesting locations and has a selection of Spanish schools including Study Canrias. The most important thing about learning Spanish is making the decision to commit. You need to decide that you are going to embrace to opportunity, speak with the risk of making mistakes and get out of your comfort zone. Speaking to the locals is the key to higher levels of conversation. In mainland Spain, there are many locations to choose from. Alicante

If you are after Spanish classes or a regular basis. The Canary Islands are a great location for this.  A newly opened language school, based near the main tourist part of the island.


Babel Language Academy (school)

Learn about the languages of Spain here. This is the official government of the Spain charge of education. Useful links