Being a major travel destination in Europe, Spain has numerous accommodation option to satisfy a wide spectrum of travelers. This ranges from well-known international chain hotels to small boutique establishments, heritage hotels in converted medieval castles, monasteries and convents, to country inns, youth hostels and campsites.

The regional tourist authorities award stars to hotels based on the facilities provided. This ranges from one to five stars. Most hotels in Spain are indicated by a blue plaque with the letter H somewhere in front of the building. Lower down in the price range are the pensions and hostals, which provide correspondingly fewer facilities. Many hotels have restaurants which accept non-residents.

All hotels in Spain are required by law to display their published rates at the reception as well as in every room. Room rates at a one-star hostal may go for €20-€25 for a double room, whereas at a five star hotel, you may expect the price to be €180 per night. Only at the exceptionally luxurious hotels would you find prices over €240 per night.

Where to stay in Spain

Room Rates

Hotels in the major cities will be more expensive than those in the countryside or rural areas. In addition, prices go up during the peak holiday season, as well as if an annual fiesta or festival is taking place in the city. This is true for the April Fair in Seville, the Los Sanfermines in Pamplona, the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Easter Week in numerous destinations in Spain.

The room rates in Spain are quoted without the inclusion of government tax or VAT (called IVA in Spain), which is 7% on the Spainish mainland, and 5% in the Canary Islands.

Booking Rooms

You should place a reservation for your room if you are planning to travel during the peak season. You should also place a booking if you are visiting the major cities of Spain any time throughout the year. For the rest of the country, reservations are not needed if you are going during the low season.


Do note that many resort hotels close from autumn to spring. It would be wise to check if you are going during the low period whether the hotel of your choice is open. Booking can be made by email or phone. Be sure to get a written confirmation either by email or fax.

Hotels will hold the room for you only until 8:00 pm, unless their business is poor. If you are arriving late, be sure to give the hotel a call to confirm that you are on your way. When you check in, you will have to provide your passport, or some form of identity document if you are from the European Union. Check out time for most hotels in Spain is noon.

Most hotel rooms in Spain can now be booked via a travel agent or online booking website. This is especially so for hotels and resorts in the coastal area as they are often block-booked by tour operators and online booking sites. You are quite likely to get a discounted rate for these hotels from an agent or online booking site, than from the hotel directly. However, as different booking sites offer the same room at a different rate, you should use a hotel room rate comparison engine to find out which online booking site offers the room at the lowest rate.

roomhotelSpain is a land of culture and tradition. Apart from enjoying the Flamenco music, the adventurous bull-fight, mind-blowing beaches, the beauty of sunshine and much more. It is considered as the cultural center of Europe. Spain has breath-taking cities and towns as well as beautiful coastline and countryside. One of the amazing ways of exploring the beauty of Spain is on the horseback. Horse riding is very famous in Spain and every year thousands of visitors from across the world come to visit these beauties of Spain and many of them prefer to visit Spain on the horseback. The Spanish Andalusian horse is known as the most ancient riding horse in the world. The experts of Spain preserve this horse so well that it does not own any of its feature to any other bread of horse. By a recent study it has been found that, more than fifty million travellers visit Spain. But, visiting Spain is not just about the Roman aqueducts, Gothic Cathedral, great beaches, amazing natural scene or rich heritages, there are hundreds of beautiful places which can be enjoyed on the back of the horse. If you want to see Spain, then horse-riding is a must here.






Diving in the beautiful waters of Tenerife

Few places can match the beautifully clear waters of the Canary Islands. It is widely regarded as one of the most amazing places to go diving in Spain.

Scuba diving can become dangerous if you have not taken the precautionary measures before diving in water. Taking such measures makes it safe even in extreme weather conditions and circumstances. It is thus important to stay alert at every time. A great way to learn this hobby is by taking a scuba diving PADI Course in which you will learn all the safety training before you go in the ocean.

Diving insurance is a sort of financial investment which is designed for people who people who are directly or indirectly involved with the scuba profession. Mostly companies are reluctant to provide the insurance against all possible diving accidents as it is considered as a dangerous sport. But few famous and well established insurance companies like: Divers Alert Network (DAN), Dive Safe, Dive Assure and Divers Security Insurance tried to provide the maximum coverage.


Diving insurance companies are basically concerned members or people that try to provide solutions for the protection of individuals that are directly involved with this sport. These individuals are not only the scuba divers but also the instructors that train them. These all are exposed to the risk of legal carelessness and the related legal allegations.

The insurance providers are always concerned with how deep a diver wants to go. Sometimes they also take care of the accidents that are not associated directly with the scuba diving. The scuba diving insurance tries to cover all the charges and risks associated with the diving expenditure. The insurance providers might also require pre authorization of some processes. Any illness that takes place before 6-8 months of the diving trip and is a health issue related to diving may not be covered by the insurance policy.

Diving Safety through Scuba Diving Insurance insurance must be taken by the divers for the safety of their own life as well as for the family. It doesn’t matter that you are a learner or accredited diver, this insurance ensures the safety of scuba diver’s future.

Tenerife – Day Trips

The Island is dominated by Spain’s highest peak (3,781m/12,200ft), Mount Teide volcano, but that’s not all it has to offer. You can also explore forests and vineyards, valley’s and pirate villages, flora and fauna, the cosmopolitan capital Santa Cruz and historical La Laguna. This is what makes Tenerife an island of contrasts. When you’ve seen all that don’t forget the rain forests of La Gomera on a 4×4 jeep. All our coaches/mini-buses from are air-conditioned and accompanied by a guide.

Bar Trade Tips: Think About Your Theme Nights

Theme nights are a great way to create a bit of a buzz and encourage your bar customers to stay longer and spend more money! They are also an opportunity to break out of your standard daily menu or service and be creative and different. They should be great fun for both your customers and your staff.

There are annual theme night, monthly theme night and weekly theme night opportunities.

Annual Theme Nights

Annual theme nights are those nights of every year that customers expect something special from you.

Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year of course stand out as candidates but there is a rich seam of national holidays to choose from too depending on the character of your bar.

Thanksgiving, St. Andrew’s, St. Patrick’s, even the Santa Cruz Carnaval and Canarian Day all lend themselves to a good knees-up.

Then there is a growing number of special ‘Days’ that you can use either seriously like Mothers Day and Fathers Day or tongue-in-cheek like Secretarys Day (also called Administrative Professional Day – no I am not kidding!).

If your customers tend to be young and a bit up for a laugh then Secretarys Day could be a blast! Offer a prize for the best dressed secretary – male or female. Have your menu served on clipboards and the staff all wearing Miss Moneypenny style specs. The point is to make it fun and try to carry the theme from the decor on down to the bar snacks.

Monthly Theme Night

Full Moon Parties are an obvious example of a Monthly Theme Night.

Any event that you plan to happen regularly, on a monthly basis, can be a little more involved than your weekly events so make it something special that your customers look forward to and invite their friends along for.

Your monthly theme night may take a little more organising than the weekly sing-a-long but if you make it worth talking about word of mouth is the cat’s pyjamams as far as filling your bar every night.

Some ideas are a monthly Treasure Hunt, Wine Tasting, Single’s Night, Fortune Telling, Jam Session, etc.

Weekly Theme Night

Some bars have a different event on for each night of the week. That is great if it works and the bar itself is attracting enough clients to make each theme night stand alone as an ‘event’. Unless sufficent effort is going to be put into each of these nights then that could be a lot of wasted effort. Don’t have so many theme nights that they blend in to one diluted mish-mash.

If you are going to have a Curry Night every Friday, make it the best damn Curry Night in South Tenerife – every week. Same with karaoke or Monday Night Bingo. That’s not exciting for the customers or for the staff (and if they are not behind you 100% you might as well forget it).

Be different. Every pool bar in Tenerife seems to have a BBQ on a Thursday night. Break out the mold – have yours on Saturday! Or why not go hog-wild and have a Malaysian Satay night instead – perfect finger food for poolside snacking.

Prepare in Advance

So talking about Halloween – have you organised yours yet? Do you know what your staff are going to wear? Have you had a costume run through? Look at the creepy guy on top of the page. Imagine your barman like that. The picture is from a post called Halloween in Zaragoza and there are some other pics on there is you want some more inspiration.

Once you have decided to throw a theme night, plan it in advane and promote it in advance. It is surprising how very bad some Tenerife bars are at getting the word out. Use Facebook, forums, Twitter – all of which are free ways of getting a message out and creting a bit of a buzz.

Visit for more ideas on how to make fun at Tenerife.

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