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 Choosing the right location to learn Spanish isn’t always easy. Should you travel to mainland Spain? Go further to South America? Costa Rica offers lush rainforest and the promise of ecotourism. It is also near the fascinating country of Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia. These are certainly some of the more exotic places to visit that most travellers don’t get to go to. If you are in Europe, and you would like to learn Spanish on a budget, the Canary Islands is just a cheap flight away. It is great for those looking for a temperate climate and a vibrant culture. There are many Islands to choose from, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lazarote are the biggest and most popular. Tenerife is the largest of all the islands and separated into two parts, the luch and green, cultured north, and the sun blessed, more touristic south. Fuerteventura also is interesting locations and has a selection of Spanish schools including Study Canrias. The most important thing about learning Spanish is making the decision to commit. You need to decide that you are going to embrace to opportunity, speak with the risk of making mistakes and get out of your comfort zone. Speaking to the locals is the key to higher levels of conversation. In mainland Spain, there are many locations to choose from. Alicante

If you are after Spanish classes or a regular basis. The Canary Islands are a great location for this. Babel Language Academy –  learn Spanish in Tenerife.  A newly opened language school, based near the main tourist part of the island.

Babel Language Academy (Russian)

Learn about the languages of Spain here. This is the official government of the Spain charge of education. Useful links


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