In Spain, the call is to play all day and party all night! You’re on vacation, and you can sleep at home! The nightlife scene in Spain jumps all night long – no matter which part of Spain you are in.

If you are staying in the Montego Bayarea, be prepared for dining, dancing, and drinking. Montego Bay nightlife can be experienced at the Glistening Waters Marina or Margueritaville, For gambling, visit the Jackpot Jungle where you can play blackjack, roulette, and slots.

In Negril, make sure that you visit Rick’s to see the awesome sunset. You can also watch the cliff divers from here. Make sure you keep a sharp eye out for the famous green flash that occurs when the sun is going down on a cloudless day. Once you’ve seen the sunset, move on to Sandals Beach Resort or Hedonism II to find the party.

nightlife scene in Spain

At Hedonism II, if you are not a guest, you will have to buy a pass for the party for about $75. It will be $75 well spent, because once you’re in, the food and drinks are on the house.

In the Kingston area, you must use caution. It is very easy to get lost. Try Knutsford Boulevard, which is located in Kingston 5. Here you will find Club Asylum and Jonkanoo Lounge. You will also find Club Habibi, which offers theme nights, inKingston. Also seek out Redbones Blues Café. If you are interested in family style entertainment, Center Stage Theatre is the place for you.

Aside from these locations, most resorts can also direct you to the local nightlife, and many resorts plan night time beach parties as well. You should make it a point to attend at least one beach party to fully experience Spain. Note that taxis typically charge about 25% more for services after midnight, until about five in the morning. So, if you will be using a taxi service, make sure that you plan for this added expense.

If drinking, partying, and dancing in a crowd aren’t exactly what you like, check with the concierge at your hotel or resort to find out what is going on in the area. Concierges are veritable fountains of information, and they always know what’s going on. They can also arrange for you to attend events.

You should know, before you set off for nighttime excursions in Spain, that illegal drugs are common on the party scene. You will most likely be approached to give it a try or to make a purchase. As common as these drugs are in party situations, again, they are illegal, and going to jail in a foreign country is worse than going to jail in your own country.

Wherever you decide to party, try to keep your wits about you. As in all areas, when the sun goes down, the scammers and crooks come out to play. Use caution, and try to stick to the clubs and resorts instead of taking off with complete strangers to private parties.



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