Gold del Sur in Tenerife. Its courses dotted down the coast doesn’t need to rank itself against prime locations like Augusta (USA) and/or St. Andrews (Scotland) etc.


It is seriously popular because the weather is perfect most of the year, where good facilities, and picturesque courses are the norm and plenty of exercise generates a healthy appetite.   Which can easily be satisfied by the wide range of native gastronomical delights on tap here, at a very reasonable price. Golf courses require land, and lots of it.

This in turn means that in places where land is expensive, the prices of membership goes up  (a Tokyo country club asks for more than USD$150,000 per member).  Likewise the green fees. Tenerife golf courses aren’t a fraction of Tokyo prices, but costs mount up wherever you play. Thought:  “I’m considering playing a bit of golf on this years vacation in Spain, but I hope it won’t cost me a fortune”.  Anyone who has ever taken a day trip in Tenerife will know the enormous amount of variation this is has. For this reason if is a fantastic golf location. Read more about Golf in Tenerife.

Normally, it’s pretty unlikely unless you are on vacation somewhere close to links, or vacation home rentals directly on the course itself, or book yourself into a hotel with a course nearby. Hmmm..  no other alternative?   Maybe crack a few balls down on the beach, but there’s always the risk of losing it in the surf, or some beach goer finding holes in his beach umbrella  (not good).    There might be another way.   All courses have a 19th hole, namely the bar at the clubhouse, but does the 19th tee exist?  We haven’t seen a villa or a complex that has a practice tee.  The idea is there, all it takes is for someone to come up with the perfect example.



We have at Perleta Magic: Golf in Spain, specifically on the costas, is well established where you can be 10 or 20 minutes to the nearest course from any apartment, house, villa that you’ve rented for your vacation.  I  occasionally play, but I won’t do travelling (as in flying) with my clubs, shoes, and other paraphernalia on vacations, especially not flying.   We have a number of courses with easy reach from Perleta Magic, as well as discussions to build a new championship course much closer, as in 10 minutes from Alicante airport and 5 minutes from here. If you are seriously keen, Perleta Magic is well suited for your vacation, with the practice net to use after hours, to hone your game a little and get the maximum use of your vacation time. Or, if you’re like me and prefer travel light and still let loose a few balls on a practice net once in a while, the clubs are free for you to use: this is Costa Blanca golf, without expending too much effort.

We expect Golf to remain import to the Spanish economy. Brits have been accused of taking over some Spanish towns with their golf courses in this article.

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