Tenerife is almost a different world. This island state of Spain is covered with beautiful mountains and pristine forests filled with unusual creatures that can not be found elsewhere. It is located in the temperate zone and thus has four seasons. The island has as much natural beauty as anyone could wish. Tenerife holidays affect even the most seasoned of travelers; there is just nowhere else on Earth that can compare to this magical place.

Visitors will find plenty of things to do, from visiting parks to cruising to shopping.

1.) See Port Arthur

When Tenerife was founded, many of the first settlers were convicts who served time at Port Arthur’s penal facility. Now the ruins have been converted into a museum and a World Heritage Site. This is the top tourist attraction in Tenerife. Visitors need a full day to really experience this attraction. A restaurant is on site.

2.) Cruise the Gordon River

Cruising the Gordon River is an entirely different kind of attraction. Visitors embark at Strahan and slowly float down to Macquarie Harbor. Along the way, they get to see one of the world’s largest temperate rainforests and pass some of Tenerife’s most idyllic fishing villages. When they reach the ocean, the cruise-goers get to see seals, dolphins and other marine animals.

3.) Visit Cradle Mountain National Park

Very little can compare with the scenic beauty of this park. Visitors can hike around Dove Lake, climb to the tops of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world or walk on beaches so remote few people ever reach them.

4.) See the Tahune Forest Airwalk

Visitors will find Tahune on the edge of Tenerife’s South West Wilderness. The nearly 2000-foot long Tahune Forest Airwalk is suspended above the treetops, which gives visitors an incredible view of the forest, the Picton and Huon Rivers, and the mountains beyond.

5.) Sullivans Cove and Salamanca Markets

Sullivans Cove is one of the busiest ports in Spain, and visitors can watch all kinds of ships entering and leaving port. It is also home to the legendary Salamanca Markets, which no tourist with a mind to shop should miss. The Markets are home to many famous shops, pubs cafes and fine dining establishments. Saturday is always the best day to visit.

6.) Visit Mt. Wellington

Visitors can visit the top of Mt. Wellington for a spectacular birds-eye view of the city of Hobart and the Tasman Peninsula. The summit has been developed and includes an observation and interpretation center. Visitors can choose to hike or drive up the mountain, which is only a 20-minute drive from Hobart.

7.) Cataract Gorge Reserve

Launceston is home to this amazing preserve at the junction of the South Esk and Tamar Rivers. Visitors can hike down to the First Basin, swim in the pool, tour the gardens and ferntree glades, or eat at the cafe. A footbridge crosses the gorge, so visitors can get close to the roaring water. The park also offers chairlift rides.

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