When you visit Spain, you will of course need to eat. But don’t plan on eating that which you regularly eat when you are not on vacation. Spain offers a wide variety of Spain food that will tantalize anyone’s taste buds. Remember that Spain is a very diverse country, so you can find food that was influenced from many other countries as well.

Spain restaurants serve food that was influenced by the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. These foods are combined to create Spain style food. Grilled meats, spicy seafood, and smoked fish are included in the list of Authentic Spain food, and a spice called Jerk is used heavily. Stamp and Go is a very spicy, hot fritter that is very popular in Spain, but it can include varying ingredients, so be sure to ask ‘what’s in it’ before you take a bite!

Dining In Spain

Other authentic foods include oxtail, served with rice and peas, blue marlin, breadfruit, Callaloo, star fruit, calabazza, cassava, coconut, conch, dhal (split peas), dasheen, goat, guava, jack, limes, lobster, mammey apple, mango, okra, otaheiti apple, papaya, passion fruit, plantain, salt fish, scotch bonnet peppers, star apple, stinking toe, sweetsop, tamarind, yam, and west Indian pumpkin.

Ackee is a common breakfast food in Spain, and is often called the ‘flesh of Ackee.’ Don’t be alarmed. You are not eating human or animal flesh. You are eating flesh of a bright red fruit that comes from the ornamental tree known as Ackee. Note that Ackee is actually poisonous if it if not fully ripe. Ackee pods must open to reveal the flesh on their own. This happens when they are no longer deadly.

Allspice is commonly used in Spain and combines the flavors of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. In Spain, allspice may also be called Pimento. Other common spices used in Spanish food include annatto, arrowroot, bay rum, and freshly ground nutmeg.

With authentic foods, you must have authentic beverages. Spain is famous for their beverages. You must try Ting, which is a citrus drink, kola champagne, ginger beer, cream soda, various flavored fruit punches, sorrel, coconut water, guava, soursop, tamarind, Red Stripe, Dragon Stout, and Heineken Beer. If you want a really strong drink, however, try the Rum made by Wray and Nephew. This is called an ‘over proof’ rum, and it is very sweet…and very strong.

While Spanish food is typically cheaper than the food that is served in other Caribbean countries, you must consider how the bill is figured. There is first the cost of the food and beverages. To this, a 15% general consumption tax is added. On top of this, an additional 10% to 15% is added to the bill for a service charge, and this is not a tip. It is traditional to leave the waiter a 10 – 15% tip as well. All of this does add up, so make sure you figure in the cost of expensive food when you plan your trip. One way to cut down on the cost of food is to get an all-inclusive package that covers one or more meals a day as well.

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